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Unless specified otherwise, sessions will take place at Piedmont Photo in Fuquay=Varina, NC.  Models must be at least 18 years of age (proof of age is required) and willing to sign a model release. Minors must have a parent present who is authorized to sign a model release. Models are encouraged to bring an escort to the photo sessions. This is an ongoing casting call that we post often, so don’t worry if you are seeing this late. We always need models and are used to working with their schedules. Since the shoots will be trade for digital files, Piedmont Photo will be happy to entertain suggestions from models for specific themes/poses they would like to have for their portfolios. If you’re interested, or for more information, please respond by sending a message and a recent full length snapshot of yourself to info(at)piedmontphoto(dot)com. Welcome New Models We are excited that you've chosen to work with us and we want to help you succeed as a model by making your pictures look their best. In order for us to achieve that goal we need some help from you. The better you prepare, the more fun you'll have at the photo session. Unless prearranged, MUA's aren't provided so you will need to do your own hair and makeup. Generally, if you prepare like you'd be going out on the town for an evening, you'll be just fine, except, please don't use makeup with glitter. The glitter will show up as imperfections on your face. Be sure to brush your teeth before the session to make sure your smile will be awesome. Ladies, if you have polish on your fingers and/or toes, please make sure it's touched up. Guys, be sure to have a clean shave or neatly trimmed beard. Taking care of the little details will ensure that your pictures are their very best! Feel free to bring whatever wardrobe you'd like but please refrain from wardrobe that has text, logos or trademarks. For the ladies, dresses and casual attire would be great but anything that you think makes you look good is always welcome. The same applies to guys but you can substitute dress clothes instead of dresses. Any colors are good but try to stay away from solid white if possible. I don’t have a specific look since we’ll be doing several different themes but I can work with pretty much anything that you bring. Pretty much anything that you like; anything that you think makes you look good, feel free to bring. What are your interests and talents? What do you like to do? Do you play tennis or golf? Proficient in kick boxing or fencing? Do you play a musical instrument? Your interests are important. When you're good at something, the pictures of you doing that thing look real because you are being real. Please feel free to bring any items or things that interest you. We very much look forward to photographing you. Plan on having fun!

Casting Call

Piedmont Photo is currently looking for reliable male and female models for lifestyle/fashion type photo sessions. The work will be trade for digital files. Although models will not be paid monetarily, the value of the image files they receive far exceeds the amount they would have been paid for the shoot. This is an excellent opportunity for models to update their portfolios at no charge. Once the images have been edited, models will be provided with a download link to the Piedmont Photo web site where they can grab the pictures. The shoots do NOT involve nudes. Examples of possible shoots include but are not limited to: medical with lab coat and medical props, talking on a cell phone, eating food, shopping, holding various objects such as laptops, books and other fashion and/or lifestyle type scenarios. Models can feel free to bring whatever wardrobe they would like but please refrain from wardrobe that has large text, logos or trademarks. Small brand tags are okay. Casual type outfits and business attire are always acceptable but any wardrobe that a model thinks makes him or her look good is always welcome. Unless specified, makeup artists and hair stylists are not provided.
© Copyright 2019 Piedmont Photo All Rights Reserved